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If you have a valid WPML account, you’re guaranteed top-quality support from our dedicated and experienced team. We assist you through our support forum.

What’s included in WPML support?

We’re committed to helping you by answering questions, resolving issues, and guiding you to get the most out of WPML.

We take 100% responsibility for any issues within our plugins and services, including WPML and its add-ons, our Toolset plugins, and our automatic translation service. 

We’re dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure our products and services:

  •  Work as advertised
  •  Are user-friendly
  •  Perform optimally
  •  Are secure
  • Are compatible with WordPress

If we find any issues with WPML, our support and development teams will work together and make sure to resolve them as soon as possible.

What isn’t covered by WPML support?

While we strive to offer comprehensive support, there are certain areas outside our scope:

  • Issues exclusively related to other themes or plugins – If a problem is related to WPML’s compatibility with another theme or plugin, we’ll help you find a solution or workaround, and even work with theme/plugin authors when necessary. However, we don’t provide troubleshooting or debugging for issues specific to other themes or plugins.
  • General WordPress queries: WPML support focuses on WPML-related matters. We don’t offer general WordPress support.
  • Custom code: While we’re happy to offer guidance wherever possible, we cannot guarantee or provide support for custom code on your site.

How does WPML support handle compatibility issues with third-party themes and plugins?

If the problem relates to WPML but originates from another theme or plugin, we will do our best to provide you with a workaround or recommend compatible alternatives. 

We also help our partners develop themes and plugins compatible with WPML. For a smooth experience, we always recommend choosing plugins and themes that have been tested and confirmed to be compatible with WPML.

How does WPML staff handle my site data during support?

Our support team may sometimes request access to your site to better understand and resolve issues. 

On our support forum, we have public and private message options. For sensitive data, we enable private messages. The credentials and site details you share are private – we won’t pass them on to anyone else. 

If necessary, we may request to copy data for debugging, but this is solely for the reported issue. We will never use your data elsewhere, and we will always treat it with care. Our goal is to understand the issue you’re facing. We won’t make any changes to your site without your permission.

For a detailed policy, visit our page about privacy and security in WPML support.

What if I need help beyond what WPML support offers?

For tasks beyond our standard support, you can get help from certified WPML Contractors

Contractors are great, proven developers who speak different languages (they all speak English, too) and provide quality work.

How can I reach out if I need help or have questions?

If you have a valid WPML account and need assistance, please visit our technical support forum

If you’re not a customer yet and have questions, feel free to ask a pre-sales question.