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WPML lets you run one WordPress site in multiple languages.

The basic setup of WPML takes a few minutes and helps you prepare your site for going multilingual. Then, you can customize the behavior and appearance of your site to match your exact specifications.

1) Going from a Single-Language Site to a Multilingual Site

2) Multilingual-Ready Themes and Plugins

WPML’s compatibility team tests thousands of themes and plugins. You can find what’s tested and works well with WPML in these lists.

If you need additional custom work for a theme or plugin that’s not listed, we recommend you contact WPML contractors.

Theme and plugin authors are welcome to join WPML’s Go Global program, where you can get help so our products work well together.

3) Using Custom Types, Fields and Taxonomies to Build Multilingual Sites

Learn how custom post types, fields, and taxonomies make multilingual websites easy for your clients to translate and for you to maintain.

4) Developing Multilingual Sites with Page Builders

5) Other Programmer Resources